Yeah.I don’t care to give this a title.If you don’t like it,bugger off.

First of all,you ain’t living for titles,but for the sheer sake of dying.And what’s the use of dying?Dunce,that’s when you get a title for yourself.People attach a silly tagline to you to make your blinkered soul rest in peace.

Even ‘Moncho’ is a title and I’m applying it to whoever hates me or my blog and yeah,even for the rest of the others,cos you deserve to die.

Do one thing.After reading this with your ugly squinted eyes,rest your neck on the railway track.We’ll see if a passing train can rip you off.If it doesn’t,jump from a skyscraper and see if you go to hell.If even that fails,come to me.I’ll kick your a**.

And all this hardwork for a title maaaaan.Just imagine-Moncho ‘YOUR NAME’.Wow.People will love you for your thickheadedness and will even make you the God of twats,then.

Afterall,you’re a twat,he’s a twat,they’re all twats.Excluding me,everyone is a twat,even the guy who sold you the ice cream.He’s the biggest twat.Cos he just sold one to a twat.

So,my friend,be a twat or a moncho or whatever tagline you like,apply it for yourself,cos afterall,you deserve a title and not this blog FFS.

Bye twat