Whenever I ask people to check my blog,they ask me the link.Can’t you find it out for yourself?Are you an illiterate retard?Or did you bite your dog?

Just because you have the internet within your running nose’s reach,it doesn’t mean you have to click the link straightaway.Verify it if it contains any stupididy like you have in your body in loads.

You suck a lot.Why?Cos you’re still reading this useles post.I say you’re the biggest idiot in the world and it’s obviously true.YES.YOU ARE AN IDIOT.But you still carry on reading this post.Dunno why.

See.You scroll down straightaway to see what’s down.Huh?Did you wash your hands after going to the loo?Or did you atleast bathe for the past week?Look at you.Flies all around you and no perfume can cure you.Cos you literally and practically stink.

And hey,did you notice it that I misspelt the word ‘stupidity’?You didn’t.Did you?Now what’s the use of you mate?Why dun you go and rot in the drainages of Colombo?Afterall you won’t die straightaway.

You lost again.Get lost.Adios