Just because I haven’t touched my blog for some days doesn’t mean you have the right to ask me to update it,you nincompoop.If you really wanna be dissed,go to Las Vegas and ask the gamblers what the Indian Standard Time is!!They’ll kick your a*se!
Ever tried to make sense with your potshelled brains?No?Now why in the world do people want my blog to be updated?You should be either having a rusted brain or you must have problem going to the bathroom!I know you prefer the second one.I know!
And oh yeah.Stop being a single celled amoeba and start using wallpapers for toilet papers.They’ll add colour to well,umm,whatever.
Be good.Do good and stop asking a drunkard for directions.He’ll send you straight UP.
Finally,before taking leave…aaaah,get lost.Don’t show your ugly uninostrilled face again.